Your emotions play an important role in your life and will they prove how comfortable you are? Emotional exhaustion needs to be combated very effectively and it can disguise itself as a variety of other stressors. It’s time to recognize these signs of emotional exhaustion and here we take a look at 5 signs that you don’t recognize it but are emotionally exhausted.

1) There is a saturation point of emotional overload when we get to a point where every negative feeling threatens to derail us completely. A small inconvenience is the warning sign of the problem that you don’t notice.

2) There is also a sign that you do not recognize that you are emotionally exhausted and that is that you are becoming hypersensitive. Instead of using your energy to control what is around you, you need to use it to understand why you are so exhausted.

3) You feel a deep sense of defeat and this is another sign that you might be feeling emotional exhaustion. This is because you may feel like everything is a defining moment for you when in reality it is not.

4) Another sign of emotional exhaustion is that you are having a hard time finding the will to move on. You might feel hopeless and that’s because you are trying to mentally tackle huge questions that you have no particular answer to.

5) You might be afraid of being triggered and it’s because of poor emotional control. It is also one of the signs that you don’t recognize, even if you are emotionally exhausted.

These are five signs that you don’t recognize, even if you are emotionally exhausted.

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